We at Bosch care about your safety. With over 80 years of experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with smart products and solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected, but quickly and effectively saved.

Detection Reliability
Intelligent detection. Superior protection.

Early and reliable fire detection is crucial. We believe in earliest and accurate fire detection as the crucial core of every fire detection system. We want to make sure that you can rely on our belief and therefore, we adopt the most elaborate technologies when developing our detectors.

  • Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP): algorithm for precise detection and differentiation of real fires and false alarms
  • Dual-Ray Technology: for even more precision
  • eSmog Feature: reliable detection and constant monitoring of electromagnetic pollution

Video-based Fire Detection
Reliable detection within seconds. Our AVIOTEC series represents a new generation in threat detection capabilities. Utilizing a unique, scientifically tested physical detection model, our technology spots fires and disturbances, predicts behavior to reduce false alarms and speeds reaction time – helping you stop threats before they spread. State-of-the-art fire detectors normally are installed at the ceiling. In case of a fire at floor level smoke has to reach the detector mounted at the ceiling. That’s why the detection time depends particularly on the height of the ceiling. The AVIOTEC series detects flames and smoke at the source and thus, provides reliable fire detection within seconds, especially in environments with high ceilings.

Interfaced Fire Detection and Voice Alarm
Smart Safety Link is the most reliable and secure way to combine Fire Detection and Voice Alarm. Each system meets the highest standards for quality, safety and functionality and offers exceptional flexibility and options for expandability. Smart Safety Link easily supports multi-stage evacuation which ensures a highly effective approach to emergency situations in a smart way.

Remote Services over IP
Manage your fire systems secure and quick.

Remote Services for Fire Systems
In our everyday mission to empower you with innovative services for increased efficiency and profitability, we have created Remote Services. Remote Services for fire alarm systems is the combination of single services that enhances your business operations with improved all-around performance:
  • Access: Remote access for programming and maintenance
  • Planning: Better planning for maintenance and upgrades
  • Efficiency: Optimized team efficiency and resource allocation
  • Performance: Innovative, high-performance services to customers
  • Savings: Reduced costs and time spend.

Innovative Detectors
The detectors provide robustness against electromagnetic pollution and moreover supplies the installer with information about critical environmental disturbances at the installation site. eSmog allows the system integrator to identify and to resolve critical conditions even more quickly, hence saving time and money.

In addition, during operation and maintenance, stability and detection performance are further enhanced by constantly measuring the electromagnetic exposure of each detector and calculating real-time values and long term averages. These are used to predict the exceeding of threshold values even before possible false alarms can occur. Operators can see the current EMC values and averages on the user interface of the fire panel. This will noticeably reduce installation and maintenance effort.

Robust Panels
During the development, Bosch drew on valuable market feedback and various customer wishes. The result? A new generation of panel controllers combining evolutionary appearance with revolutionary technology. Intuitive user interface, simplified planning and purchasing process, proven modular concept – all of that you can find in one solution.

Completely modular
AVENAR panel adapts to the nature and size of the facility’s application. The result is a flexible and tailored system that you can cost-effectively extend. You only buy the components that you really need!
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Fully controllable
Do you want to be in full control over your safety system?
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Voice alarm integrating
Excited to check out which voice alarm systems can be connected by Smart Safety Link?
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Remotely serviceable
Innovative technology from Bosch allows system integrators to provide seamless 24/7 remote support and enhanced performance. It is a secure, efficient way to monitor, maintain and service fire detection equipment remotely.
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Efficiently networked
AVENAR panel offers a distributed architecture for campus solutions and can be equipped with multiple interfaces for an extended range of applications.
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With a Bosch safety system, your equipment retains its value because AVENAR panel is compatible with your installed base and includes interfaces to legacy systems. This safeguards previous investments as the technologies continue to evolve.

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