PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System

Praesideo is a fully digital public address system that meets all the requirements placed by professional users on a public address/emergency sound system. It brings highly innovative and advanced digital technology to the public address market. The processing and communication of both audio signals and control data entirely in the digital domain makes the system superior to other currently available public address and emergency sound systems. Digital signal processing allows significant improvements in audio quality to be achieved. The Praesideo system is configured from a PC, making installation and configuration very simple and user friendly.

All audio processing is digital. Communication between the units is via plastic fiber or glass fiber cabling, depending on the distance between the units. Because the system uses the daisy chain principle, cabling and installation are very quick, simple and easy.

User-friendly Software Control
The system has user-friendly software to configure all system functions. The software is web-based technology, and provides authorized users full freedom of configuration: any time and from anywhere in the network. A simple and well-organized user interface provides an intuitive environment for configuring the system. The software has plausibility checks, and informs the user of any parameters, which have not been set, before exiting from any stage of the configuration process.

Network Approach
The system architecture is based on the daisy chaining of units. Equipment can be placed anywhere a network connection is available. Customers can expand their systems easily without adding additional electronics to the network controller unit. Thanks to this network architecture, a small initial system can be expanded later by simply adding the required new units to the existing network. The same is true for modifications to the PA system that become necessary later, due to reorganizations, structural changes, etc. The system can be configured for redundant cabling using a ring cabling structure.

Distributed Control
The system design distributes the control of various system functions, as well as processing, throughout the system. The external interfaces, inputs and outputs, can be located anywhere in the network. All units can process audio input and output signals. This allows the network controller to concentrate on other activities such as the routing of announcements, taking actions on control inputs, etc. As a result, the response times are much shorter than for those of systems with centralized processing of all signals. The system scales gracefully, because each new unit increases the overall digital signal processing power of the system.

Combination of Functions
The Praesideo range of equipment has multiple functions combined in a single unit. This feature drastically reduces the number of different types of equipment used in the system. For example, functions such as audio processing, audio delay, amplifier monitoring (including spare switching), and speaker line monitoring are provided by the power amplifier unit itself. This makes the overall system highly cost-effective. The flexible architecture of the Praesideo range of equipment allows the customer to locate any type of equipment anywhere in the building. The configuration software lets an administrator/installer configure any units in the system from any PC with a network connection to the network controller. No local configuring at the equipment end is required, drastically reducing the installation and commissioning time, as well as any changes, which become necessary after commissioning.

PRAESIDEO Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System

EN 60849 and EN 54‑16 Certified
The Praesideo range of equipment complies with the various emergency standards, which are applicable all over the world. The network controller can supervise all units in the system, from the microphone capsule of the call station to the loudspeaker line and loudspeakers. A built-in memory stores the last 200 fault messages. All faults are reported back to the network controller. The system also fulfills the requirements for emergency call stations. The open system architecture has the flexibility to provide large numbers of in and outputs, making even the most demanding emergency applications possible.

External Interfaces
Administrators and installers can configure the control inputs to initiate the desired actions in the system. The ability to route any input from one system unit to any other unit makes it possible to use the Praesideo range of products for a wide range of public address and emergency sound system applications.

Reduced Installation Costs
The Praesideo architecture uses the daisy chain principle for both data and audio signals. This makes the system wiring very cost-effective, using two fiber cores for data and audio communication, and a copper wire pair to supply power from the network controller to the units.

High System Flexibility
The Praesideo system is an extremely versatile system. It gives system designers a high degree of flexibility in the number of zones, call stations, audio and control in and outputs, etc., that they can use. The flexibility of unit distribution is also greater than legacy systems, and it is usually easier to place elements closer to where they are needed.

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