Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System

  • Integrated public address and voice alarm functionality
  • Complete range of compatible system elements
  • Perfect solution for small- to medium-sized applications
  • Modern audio and message management technology
  • Reliable, cost-effective and easy to install 

    Communication in an ever-changing world
    Whether you need a simple announcement installation, an emergency evacuation system or an integrated public address and voice alarm
    configuration, look to the cost-effective Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm System from Bosch.
    It is a family of system elements that can be combined to create perfect solutions for a wide range of applications. Bosch also supplies a
    complete range of loudspeakers, microphones and other professional audio accessories for a total solution.

    Designed for you…
    The flexible Plena family adds value in public address and voice alarm system installation by making it easier for you to meet specific application requirements. It is easy to install and configure, highly reliable and covered by a three-year warranty. Incorporating state-of-the-art audio technology, including options for PC-managed digital messaging and background music (BGM), Plena is a total solution designed with your requirements in mind.

    Plena Amplification - The fast route to safety
    for your customers...People are entitled to a secure and enjoyable environment, with the peace of mind a public address or voice alarm system brings.We help you meet this fundamental need in the most cost effective and user-friendly way. Plena satisfies the safety and security needs in all kinds of applications, ranging from commercial businesses, factories, places of worship, government institutions to hotels.

    and for complete satisfaction.
    We can provide you with reliable products that are easy to understand and install and a pleasure to operate – without compromising functionality
    or limiting the potential for expansion. The combination of proven technology, reliable engineering and quality materials ensures best-in class equipment and complete satisfaction for you and your customers.

    The reliable route to EVAC-compliant voice alarms

    Plena Voice Alarm System
    The Plena Voice Alarm System is designed for public address and emergency evacuation in small-to medium-sized applications such as factories, offices, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, sports facilities, schools and universities. All the essential EVAC functionality – such as system supervision, spare amplifier switching, loudspeaker line surveillance, digital message management and a fireman's panel interface – is combined with proven audio technology to guarantee excellent speech intelligibility and message delivery.

    The Bosch EVAC seal of certification
    Developed for easy operation under stressful conditions, the Plena Voice Alarm System complies with the tough IEC60849 standard (and its national equivalents). Only products that conform to this tough standard and pass our own rigorous testing routine are allowed to bear the Bosch 'EVAC' seal of certification.

    Integrated voice alarm and public address
    With emergency call (EMG) and background music (BGM) audio channels, up to 60 zones, 8 call stations and 2 remote control panels, the Plena Voice Alarm System offers extensive possibilities. It is compatible with the Plena BGM Source and Booster Amplifiers. Bosch can deliver EVAC-compliant loudspeakers and accessories for an integrated public address and voice alarm
    solution.We also offer installer training programs, provide a 3-year warranty on all Plena products and provide extensive service and customer support.

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